Directed Go!
Split GCS Demo (Oct 2013)
AI Contest: One-Card Poker

Hi. I'm in the middle of reorganizing this place! Some games you can play:

OBOBOBO: A dodging game. Quick and addicting.

THE DARE MACHINE is an experiment that tries to fix the problem of being so bored that you don't want to do anything. Check it out if you feel like that.

Countdown: Try to find the longest word (at least 3 letters long) among 9 letters. Based on a game show. It works on both computers and mobile devices.

Digo: A generalization of Go to directed graphs. A hackathon collaboration with my friend Edward Swernovsky.

Hiragana: An extremely unfinished experiment. Learning Japanese symbols with a game.

Split (Demo): A puzzle game demo. Click the "1" symbol to start. Unfinished.

Contact me at linyks@gmail.com if you want to be friends! I want to be friends too.